Oil and acrylic paintings, assemblages, works with found objects

View of the Black River at any weather


“Chyornaya rechka” (“black small river”) is the historical district at the north of Saint Petersburg. An area of old Finnish villages in 18th century became a suburb of the empire capital. The Black River is best known as the site of the famous duel where the great poet Alexander Pushkin was fatally wounded in 1837. Until the revolution of 1917, the Black River remained an area of gardens and popular restaurants. There was also the aircraft factory, whose chief engineer in 1912-1917 was Igor Sikorsky. In Soviet times, the district was redesigned and in the 1960s – 1070s it was the place of residence of famous Leningrad authors, directors and actors.

Three works for the exhibition of small paintings on the theme of the Zodiac, 2017.

The artist Dmitry Ivashintsov exhibits his paintings since 1989. Dmitry works both in oil and acrylic techniques on canvas, cardboard or wood and uses collage, assemblage and found objects in the pictures. His paintings combine symbolism and intuition, simplicity and complexity, realistic and abstract. Ivashintsov received a classical education, studying such disciplines as academic drawing, watercolor and oil painting, composition, color science, painting technology. Also he was educated in Theory and History of Fine Arts as well as in History of Architecture. This academic education was combined for the artist with the influence of the Russian avant-garde, including such artists as Pavel Filonov and Wassily Kandinsky, with the traditions of the St. Petersburg school of the 20th century, and with the wide context of world modern and contemporary art.

Oil painting and Dmitry's work in other techniques are available for sale.

© Dmitry Ivashintsov


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