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The new books designed by Dmitry Ivashintsov

Baiara Arutiunova-Manusevich. "Articles on literature and language", 2019.

Collection of semiotic, linguistic and philological studies. Hard cover.

Saint-Petersburg: The Russian Culture.

Dmitry A. Ivashintsov. "Flowers of Loneliness", 2019.

Saint-Petersburg: Rostok. ISBN 978-5-94668-292-3.

Dmitry A. Ivashintsov. "Silence", 2020.

Poetry books of artist's father.

"Centenary of the Great Turmoil", group art exhibition, 2019.

Cover for the art album. Painting by Gleb Bogomolov.

Saint-Petersburg: NP-Print. ISBN 978-5-6043956-0-8

Mikhail Sopin "One Hundred Poems", 2019.

Cover for the poetry book. Compiled and edited by Tatiana Kovalkova.

Saint-Petersburg: The Russian Culture. ISBN 978-5-905618-09-3

Alexey Griakalov. "Dressed in the Light", 2018.

Hard cover for the poetry book of the St. Petersburg philosopher and poet. Saint-Petersburg: The Russian Culture.
ISBN 978-5-905618-11-6

Galina Shimbor. "Fontanar", 2018.

The book of memoir prose about family history, life in Soviet Georgia, the Stalinist repression and the work of Soviet specialists in Cuba.

Saint-Petersburg: The Russian Culture. ISBN 978-5-905618-12-3

Melvar Melkumyan. "The Substantiation of Morphonosemics. Language as opposed to Speech", 2018.

The book on linguistics.

Saint-Petersburg: The Russian Culture. ISBN 978-5-905618-04-4

"City of St. Peter or the Angels of Petersburg", 2018.

Collection of poetry and prose of St. Petersburg authors. Saint-Petersburg: Academy of Cultural Studies, 2018.
ISBN 978-5-9905898-7-2.
Cover, frontispiece, spreads with photo illustrations.

Cyril Pomerantsev. "Justification of Defeat", 2018.

C. Pomerantsev (1906, Moscow – 1991, Paris). Poet, journalist, prose writer, publicist, and memoirist. French Resistance fighter and a long-time author and editor of the Parisian newspaper "Russian thought".

This is the most complete edition of Pomerantsev's works. The book includes the full body of his poems, memories "Through Death" and much more. The cover uses a fragment from Yuriy Annenkov's illustrations to Pomerantsev's "Italian negatives" — essays on a motorcycle trip through Italy in 1958 with lyrical and non-lyrical digressions.

Compiler Alexander Radashkevich. Hardcover book has 640 pages plus 44 pages of color illustrations.

Saint-Petersburg: The Russian Culture. ISBN 978-5-905618-11-6

Efim Rezvan. "The Magi had arrived", 2017.

Exhibition catalogue (St. Petersburg Museum for the History of Religion. December 2017 – January 2018).

The exhibition was organized by the State Museum for the History of Religion, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences and International Centre of Islamic Research.

Saint-Petersburg: First Artistic Association. ISBN 978-5-88431-343-9

Baiara Arutiunova. "The Life in Letters. Princess Zinaida Volkonskaya and her correspondents", 2017.

Letters from Tsar Alexander I, composer Mikhail Glinka, author Ivan Turgenev and other Russian, French and Italian artists, writers and politicians of the 19th century. The book is based on the archival papers of the Houghton Library at Harvard University. Hardcover book has 272 pages plus 80 pages of color illustrations.

Saint-Petersburg: The Russian Culture. ISBN 978-5-905618-16-1

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