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graphic designer

Dmitry Ivashintsov, a painter and graphic artist from St. Petersburg, Russia

Dmitry D. Ivashintsov is a painter, graphic artist, and designer whose artworks combine ingenuity, classical background, exquisiteness, and mutual influence of various areas of his work.


The artist was born in 1965 in the city of Orenburg on the border between Europe and Asia. Dmitry studied at the Serov School of Fine Arts (now Art School named after Nicholas Roerich) in St. Petersburg, Russia (formerly Leningrad) and also three years at the Academy of Fine Arts (I. E. Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture) in the Theory and History of Arts Department.

"The Emperor". Painting by artist Dmitry Ivashintsov, detail.

Dmitry worked as an interior and printing designer in 1986–1991, including two years of military service. In 1992 he was a decorator at the "Lenfilm" film studio. Since 1989 Dmitry Ivashintsov participated in numerous art shows and consisted in a few art associations.

In 1993–1994 the artist lived and worked in New York City, where Dmitry took part in several exhibitions. "Dmitry Ivashintsov is an artist with a strong individualistic outlook… Ivashintsov possesses unlimited technical resources that enable him to evoke subtle states of being and realize his most intricate fantasies in dazzlingly intense compositions" (By Martin Parsons. Artspeak. An International Art Review. Vol. XVI No. 3. November 1993, New York City).


Since 1995 Ivashintsov has lived in Saint Petersburg. Here he has worked as a graphic artist and painter, freelance graphic designer, photographer, as well as the Chief designer for the non-profit partnership "The Russian Culture" and the artist of the literary almanac. Also, for several years Dmitry worked as a designer for the glass art company.

As a book designer Dmitry Ivashintsov produced more than 70 books, specializing in history, arts, philosophy, fiction, and memoirs. He cooperated with the Saint Petersburg Conservatory named after N. Rimsky-Korsakov, the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), the State Museum of the History of Religion, the Institute of Russian Literature (the Pushkin House), and other cultural institutions in St. Petersburg. Dmitry himself wrote some articles on the city's history and architecture.


He has had experience in urban and travel photography and has collected thousands of images with architectural monuments, landmarks, and city details, mainly in St. Petersburg, Northwestern Russia, and Finland, also in other countries and regions.

As an illustrator, Dmitry makes pictures both in the fields of digital collage and works on paper.

Now Dmitry Ivashintsov works primarily as a painter and graphic artist. Dmitry uses and combines various media such as oil and acrylic painting, graphical techniques, collage, and assemblage.

On This Side. Exhibition of paintings and graphic works by Dmitry Ivashintsov. At the opening reception, 2018.

At the opening reception, Vyborg, 2018. Photo by Maria Tyapkova.

Exhibitions and events:


2021. Centenary of the Great Turmoil (100 years of the Russian revolution and Civil war)", group show. St. Petersburg Union of artists.

2021. Group exhibitions at the Art Festival "Sergey Oskolkov and His Friends" in St. Petersburg House of Composer and the Petergof Central Library named after Semyon Geychenko.

2021. "Rainbow Petersburg", group photo exhibition. Art Space "DK Krupskoy", St. Petersburg.

2020. "Harvest", solo exhibition of artworks on paper. The Children Library of History and Culture of Saint Petersburg (Bazhanov House). St. Petersburg.

2019–2020. "The Odd Page", solo exhibition of book illustrations and works on paper. The F. M. Dostoevsky Literary-Memorial Museum. St. Petersburg.

2019. "Centenary of the Great Turmoil (100 years of the Russian revolution and Civil war)", group exhibition. The Gavrila Derzhavin Estate Museum. St. Petersburg.

2019. "Rainbow Petersburg", group photo exhibition. Palace of Culture named after I. Gaza. St. Petersburg.

2018. "People and Their Things", group photo exhibition. Palace of Culture named after I. Gaza. St. Petersburg.

2018. "St. Petersburg. Fragments—2", group photo exhibition. Palace of Culture named after I. Gaza. St. Petersburg.

2018. "The Summer of Electricity", solo exhibition of paintings and graphic works. The Culture Center named after Alexander Pushkin. Volkhov, Russia.

2018. "St. Petersburg. Fragments", group photo exhibition. Palace of Culture named after I. Gaza. St. Petersburg.

2018. "On this side", solo exhibition of paintings and graphic works. The Central City Alvar Aalto Library. Vyborg, Russia.

2017. "Petersburg in the shadows, silhouettes, reflections", group photo exhibition. The Library named after Leo Tolstoy. St. Petersburg.

2017. "Un seul grain de riz 2017" ("A single grain of rice 2017"), collective show. Galerie Métanoïa. Paris, France.

2017. "St. Petersburg in monochrome", group photo exhibition. Art Space "Palma" (St. Petersburg); Zelenogorsky Park Dance Holl (Zelenogorsk); The Library named after Leo Tolstoy (St. Petersburg); The Center for Contemporary Art (Veliky Novgorod), Russia.

2017. "From the Ladoga Lake to the Baltic Sea". Solo photo exhibition. Art Space "Ingerburg". Gatchina, Russia.

2016. "Archaic", group exhibition. The New Exhibition Hall (The State Museum of Urban Sculpture). St. Petersburg.

2013–2019. Group exhibitions at the Art Festival "Sergey Oskolkov and His Friends" in St. Petersburg and its suburbs. The National Pushkin Museum; Art Center "M. Chemiakine Foundation"; The Petergof Central Library named after Semyon Geychenko; St. Petersburg Union of Composers.
2013. "Thread connecting ages", group exhibition. The State Museum of Theatre and Music (Sheremetev Palace). St. Petersburg.

2013. "Petersburg Meetings in Paris", exhibition of St. Petersburg artists. The Russian Cultural Centre. Paris, France.

2012. Exhibition of Petersburg artists. The Derzhavin Museum. St. Petersburg.

2007, 2008. The books designed by Dmitry Ivashintsov were awarded at The St. Petersburg International Book Salon.

1998. The Autumn Exhibition of St. Petersburg Union of Artists.

1996. "Configuration" (with Olga Ivashintsova). The State Museum of Urban Sculpture. St. Petersburg.
1996. The Spring Exhibition of St. Petersburg Union of Artists.

1994. Organization of Independent Artists Salon Show. The Prince Building. New York City.

1994. "Contemporary Russian Graphic Arts". Nizhny Novgorod Fair. Nizhny Novgorod,  Russia.

1994. "All You Can Eat", group show. Omya Gallery, Ukrainian People House. New York City.

1994. "Russian Artists in America (Purygin Gallery)". The Central House of Artist. Moscow, Russia.

1994. "Face to Face", the landscape of the face in works by six artists from Europe and USA. 101 Wooster Street Gallery. New York City.

1993. "Contemporary Russian Expressionism". Galerie Internationale. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA.

1993. Exhibition of artists from Eastern Europe. Turner Carroll Gallery. Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

1993. Artists in Residence program and group exhibition. Gallery One. New York City.

1991–1992. Exhibitions of gallery artists. Baltika Gallery. St. Petersburg.

1989–1991. Group exhibitions of The Leningrad Commonwealth of Independent Artists. The House of Science and Technique, The Library named after A. Blok, The Institute of Railway Engineers. St. Petersburg.

1989. "Theater and Music in Painting", group exhibition. The Maly Opera Theatre (Mikhailovsky Theatre). St. Petersburg.

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